The Truth About Gyms For Trans Women

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Transgender people face more than their fair share of discrimination. This video examines how something as simple as going to the gym can get wildly complincated for a trans person. Health and Wellness matter for everyone and we should all feel safe and supported in pursuing our fitness goals.

Do you feel safe in your gym? Have you ever considered what it might be like to feel in danger? Do you know what it’s like to feel in danger at the gym? These are not easy topics but they are worth examining. No one should be ridiculed, judged, made fun of, tormented, or worse for anything out of their control including but not limited to: race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability etc. These times of uncertainty are times when we should come together. Whenever, wherever you’re reading this it is meant for you right now. We are all just people, we cannot judge ourselves for things out of our control and we must not judge others for what is out of theirs.

Certain moments, usually tragedies, remind us of how similar we all are; how we are a earthly family. It seems that the golden rule is forgotten too often these days, on comment pages and social media posts. people are very often so worried about judging another person that they have no time to truly judge themselves.

We’re entering fall, a time when we weight the past year and see what’s ahead for the winter and now things seem a little rough here in the United States. So we should ban together not fall into division. Recognize we are not so different you and I and anyone. We should all be given our safe space, our freedom and our right to live authentically.

Now is our time to stand up against the immense pressure that is attempting to drive us apart; it just means we must work that much harder to love each other as we are.

I owe lots of credit to Caroland, Ivey Gardner and Madison Foster for being brave pioneering trans women. I also would like to thank the broadcasters of these local stations that gave these last 2 women a platform to speak.

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