For years, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was thought to be something only war veterans experienced. But research shows any traumatic event can cause PTSD including dating abuse and bullying. In fact, bullying has a lasting impact on victims. They often experience anxiety, fear, nightmares, sleeplessness, depression and a host of other symptoms. And because victims often feel vulnerable, powerless and unable to defend themselves, bullying also can lead to stress-related conditions like PTSD.

What’s more, recent research has shown that there is a direct link between bullying and PTSD. PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that occurs after a trauma like bullying. Although any kind of stress can lead to PTSD, it typically involves a direct personal experience where the victim felt threatened, was injured or saw someone else die, being threatened or injured. Research also shows that girls are more affected by PTSD than boys. Moreover, the stress experienced by bullying does not necessarily cease when the bullying stops. As a result, PTSD can show up in a person’s life long after the bullying has ended.

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