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The War Inbetween tells the story of an incredible bond between man and animal, and an extraordinary treatment program helping US Army Veterans and wild wolves recover from PTSD.

In this documentary, filmmaker Riccardo Ferraris gets right to the heart of two extraordinary relationships. One between James – a US Marine veteran, who served twice in Iraq, has struggled with alcoholism and attempted suicide – and Kiey, a grey wolf rescued from a roadside attraction in Alaska; the other between Juan – a veteran sniper in Afghanistan, who came to the LARC after experiencing the difficulties of resuming everyday life after the war – and Virginia, a wolf puppy saved from certain death in a shelter in Sacramento.
From producer Stefano Gallini, this feature is a chilling, visceral meditation on the need for a Back to Nature Therapy program as an alternative to the regular drug therapy recommended by the US VA.

From The War Inbetween
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