There Is A War On For Your Mind


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Please take the time to go through these links.  Its all good stuff which will make your lives much easier.  And consider sharing whatever information that you think would help someone else. You don’t even have to give me credit.  Just pass along any information which has helped you to other people who are getting these sadistic tactics. 

If you are depressed during the fall & winter, you might have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which a light booth and vitamin D3 supplements will greatly help:

Examples of light booths that you can buy:

 Methods Of Psychological Manipulation website (REALLY GOOD):

Some cities use Chloramine instead of Chlorine now which is why you have to get a water filter that removes ALL poisons:

A proven way to reduce anger and fear, EMDR:

Find a Therapist

All people who are targeted have Complex post traumatic stress disorder.  Learn what these assholes have done to you:

The benefits of Himalayan salt lamps to boost your immune system and mood:

This is a general You Tube search for SOUND PROOFING a room and if you get the noise campaign and/or are sensitive to noise, this will make your life much easier:

This is a direct link to my playlist, “Vidlinks” and it covers health, psychology, truther vids and spirituality-I am not leaving links to every single video because it becomes confusing.  This is all good stuff.  I urge you guys to check these out.  I never waste my time on 

crap: ;

Anti-glare visor and sunglasses for brighting you get while driving or if you have shitty night vision:

How our thinking is often distorted-Very revealing:

Situational awareness:

Targets: You do NOT have to suffer during the holidays:

Weighted blankets for insomnia and anxiety:

Ways that this reality pushes violent and sick intrusive thoughts into our minds-This is a superb truther channel-Very positive and informative:

Grounding/earthing mats you can purchase and make:

A fantastic short video on the dangers of 5G with no bullshit:

What SEEMS to be a level-headed review of the Q-Link pendant (for EMF protection):

Cost effective way to build a Faraday cage:

Himalayan Salt Lamps & air purifiers which will make a HUGE difference in your health, video playlist:

A SANE video on using cell phones for mind control:

Ways to deal with depression-One of the best channels

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