TheToxic Workplace & PTSD

Report harassment and lose your job!
You are a woman working in a man’s world, you find yourself in a toxic work environment and despite your efforts to improve your circumstances by reporting the abuse that is happening to you to your male manager, you find yourself in a more unfavourable situation. You are now sick and feel hopelessness and confused as to why this behaviour is allowed to continue to you. And why does the employer do nothing to enforce the harassment policy? If you persist in getting the help you need, you eventually you find yourself jobless and labelled the troublemaker.
PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is caused from a single major life-threatening incident; war, act of violence, accident, disaster, etc, however, PTSD can also be a direct result from prolonged series of events, such as; bullying, sexual harassment, violent partner, attending traffic accidents, fires and other forms of abuse and disasters.
If you are a victim of prolonged abuse at your place of employment, seek out an attorney and file a grievance against your former employer immediately! Do not wait!

Source: Youtube