Things the NARCISSIST will NEVER give you

If you are contemplating staying or leaving a relationship with a narcissist, it’s critical that you base your decision on the facts. In today’s video Jill tells you 6 things that the narcissist will NEVER give you.

Jill Wise, otherwise known as The Enlightened Target, is a life long survivor of narcissistic abuse. She was raised by and married to a malignant narcissist, she has endured years of parental alienation, has repeatedly been targeted by narcissists throughout her life. She has an intimate understanding of all aspects of narcissistic abuse and CPTSD. She uses her experience and what she has learned to help educate others and bring awareness about narcissistic abuse. She is also a Narcissistic Abuse Recover Coach and works with clients all over the world heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse, parental alienation and Complex PTSD.

If you are interested in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching, please visit her website linked below or send her an email at She conducts face to face meetings on the computer using zoom or over the phone. Many times getting the help and support from a professional who has lived through this is a necessary step to healing.

Purchase a copy of Jill’s Ebook: What are the specific personality and character traits narcissists look for in a target and how they are able to exploit and manipulate these traits.

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