Things You Didn't Know About Your Body

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body
The body is a unique and variant phenomenon among people. Fascinatingly there are some reactions and characteristics that are similar across the human race. Many don’t understand these magnificent discoveries of the body and are unfamiliar with the crucial body reactions. Today’s video will feature these rather mind-blowing findings of our bodies that extremely mind-blowing!! Do you know how goosebumps are formed or rather, what triggers a hiccup? Stick around to find out 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body!
10. Tears

Crying is considered a natural response in all humans as a result of a build-up of emotions. Unlike the common misconception, that sadness is the leading cause of watery eye happiness, laughter and frustration swell our eyes too! Furthermore, tears bare scientific proof to reduce excitation of the cerebral cortex hence distract our focus. Many shun expressing their feelings through tears as they relate it to cowardice, not knowing how important it is. Crying occurs naturally to keep the eye moist. Teardrops are considered protein-rich antibacterial liquid secreted in the eye. Production of the feel-good chemicals in the eye aims to bring a self-soothing sensation that eases both emotional and physical pain. A small study conducted in the recent past clarified the fact that crying in toddlers contributed to better sleep. Additionally, the basal tears facilitated better eyesight. Never let anyone get under your skin for shedding tears as it just might be the remedy to lift your mood and keep your eyes clean!!
9. Shivers / Goosebumps

It’s obvious that shivering is familiar to everyone, and often goosebumps appear whenever one is cold or when they’re afraid. Goosebumps probably never seem very helpful to modern humans but were a gem to the primitive man. He relied on this bodily reaction as additional protection from the cold. They worked for primitive humans similar to a modern era inbuilt quilted jacket. The flight or fight hormone is produced as a result of goosebump presence. As a result, our ancestors appear far much larger and more frightening. If You’ve experienced the wave-like sensation spread through your skin while listening to chilled sounds then you experienced goosebumps. Research has led us to the assumption that shivers could elicit some of the same benefits as exercise since the stored fat is activated to produce heat. Whoever thought it just might be one of the greatest findings we got to know about our bodies!!

Wait, does this mean I need to get the creeps in order to lose some wheight? Hmm…
8. Stretching

Stretching is a mechanism used to protect the body that we can get to learn on our own and adopt as part of our daily routine. Many relate stretches with runners without knowing its relative importance to us all. Stretching keeps the muscles in check, healthy, and flexible to maintain a range of motions in the joints. Without setting aside a few minutes to stretch, we’re left prone to experience joint pains, muscle cramps if not other painful encounters on our bodies. This small activity benefits all across all age sets and gender. Nevertheless, this simple process is important for the normal functioning of the body and will go a long way if you remain consistent.
7. Myoclonic Cramps

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you curl up into your sheets already beginning to fall into a dream when at that very instance your body seems to be pierced with electric current? If this has happened, you most probably have experienced myoclonic cramps! Nothing shakes one up in the middle of their sleep as the myoclonic cramps do, as they cause a sudden spasm rush through your body. Many are in the wind and have no idea of the root cause of this rather strange body reaction. Myoclonic cramps act as protection for the body in a quite peculiar way. It’s precise that when we go to sleep, our respiration rate drops rapidly, causing all muscles to relax, sometimes the body misinterpreted this information as a state of death. The resultant counteraction is an electric wave through the body to save you.

6. Yawn

All humans on the phase of the earth have experienced the simple act of yawning. It’s absurd to think that yawning spreads through the air as other germs do. Our body starts this mechanism whenever we’ve been sleeping less, intense work, or when experiencing stress. The body Sometimes may make you look awkward, but this mere action serves as a useful function in the human body. Scientists are astonished by the results of numerous experiments conducted.

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