This is Why PTSD is Way More Widespread Than You Thought (Episode 2 of 6)

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The truth about PTSD is that it’s way more widespread than you thought. While post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly associated with male combat veterans, it extends far beyond the military. In this episode, leading PTSD expert Dr. Cheryl Arutt will help you understand just how widespread the disorder is, the causes and triggers of a PTSD episode, and the science of the disorder.

She answers:
What actually is PTSD?
How is PTSD different from a regular response to danger?
How does post traumatic stress disorder feel?
How is PTSD triggered in someone’s system?
What’s the trickiest thing about PTSD?
What happens in your brain during a PTSD episode?
What are the long-term mental health consequences of PTSD episodes?
What are the long-term physical effects of PTSD?
What kinds of trauma hurt the most or cause PTSD most often?
What demographics of people are most prone to PTSD?
How does support make a difference in treatment effectiveness?
What is the just world theory & how does it relate to PTSD?

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