Thriving (Not Surviving) "Post Traumatic Faith Disorder" | Andrew Owen

This week, we’re celebrating week ten of our amazing series ‘Thriving, Not Surviving’! It’s been an epic ride so far, as we’ve explored God’s heart and the new levels of success, perseverance, and breakthrough He has for His people.

We’ve all heard of PTSD, but what about ‘Post Traumatic Faith Disorder’? Here, Pastor Andrew Owen delivers a timely message of hope and shifting perspective as we place our trust in God’s faithfulness. Do you want to develop “a huge expectancy of God doing great things after experiencing severe challenging times”? This is the sermon for you!

If you are struggling with symptoms of stress or trauma today, please know that help is available, including:

Prayer (email

Counselling Services (

Well of Wellbeing (

Source: Youtube