Tiffany's MUDWTR Story


Mud contains magic mushrooms but not those kind. Though our product will never make you trip, we do donate a % of every sale to @mapsnews which is developing therapeutic usages of psychedelics to support the healing of the many mental health issues that plague society.⁠
“Wait, you donate to drugs.”⁠
“Yea, we do.”⁠

With 450 million people currently suffering from mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD, we have a problem that is affecting the roots of existence itself.⁠
With little pharmaceutical evolution since the introduction of Prozac 40+ years ago, the old model clearly isn’t working. With phase three trials demonstrating that MDMA-assisted therapy may be an effective treatment for PTSD resulting from various types of trauma, including trauma occurring in childhood and in patients with dissociative subtype of PTSD, M.A.P.S. is leading the way, having results, and doing it right.⁠

When the center for thinking and emotion (our mind) is unbalanced or worse, it creates a cascade of tragic outcomes and society pays the price.⁠ @mapsnews is looking to heal the cause not the symptoms and we are honored to be supporting in the small way we can.

Source: Youtube