Till there was you

Laura Warner dreamed of a life on Broadway. She loved all musicals – but particularly “Cabaret” and also “The Music Man”. Her dad died when she was 12 years old. He had been everything to her. Then, she learned of the horrors he had faced – during his time in the Holocaust, his treatment and time in Auschwitz, and his resulting post-traumatic stress disorder.

During Laura’s young life, she remarkably experienced some of her dad’s horrors; she would occasionally have flashbacks to the time in Auschwitz. She never understood why these occurred. She was incredibly frightened.

Fortunately, the performing arts provided her with solace. She sought refuge in the music, the voices, and the performances. She sang – and auditioned for performances (when her mom would let her). She always tried to escape.

This short video tries to encapsulate some of Laura Warner’s unique experiences. It also heralds the coming of the eventual short film: The Life Span of a Dog.

Watch Laura as she sings one of her favorite songs, and tries to escape the intrusive thoughts plaguing her mind – as she tries to fight the horrors of the Holocaust as a second generational trauma victim.

Please give to the Life Span of the Dog short film fund. Without your help, we cannot create this important coming-of-age film with an incredible script written by Cathy Reinking (also known as Laura Warner).

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