TML Lecture 11: Trauma and Dissociation Theory

Lecture 11 from the 2021 Trauma, Memory, & Law module.

In this lecture, I go into more detail on the most prominent current theory that still uses similar ideas from repressed memory theory: Trauma and Dissociation Theory.
I try to fairly present the theory in this lecture, and critique it more in a follow up lecture. I call this “steelmanning” their argument, which is presenting their argument in such a way that it is strong and difficult to knock down. This is the opposite of making a “strawman” of their an argument, which involves building a weak argument so that it is easy to knock down.

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Disclaimer: I am only releasing a fraction of the course on Youtube, there will be many seminar discussions, guest lectures, lectures, discussion boards, and other content that will not be posted. In addition, this is the first time I taught the course, so will likely be improved incrementally each year from here. For the full experience, I recommend taking a course on this topic in a college or university.

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