To the Best of Our Knowledge: Anxiety Free Audiobook

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Format: Original Recording
Written by: Jim Fleming
Release date: 7/9/2010
Duration: 52 mins
Language: English
Genre: radio & tv, great interviews

We look at anxiety and mental illness, and the globalization of the American psyche. Patricia Pearson is the author of A Brief History of Anxiety…Yours and Mine. She tells Anne Strainchamps why she thinks Americans are so anxious.
Ethan Watters has just written a book called Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. He argues that American versions of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders are spreading around the world. He tells Steve Paulson that America has a big influence on how people perceive mental illness. Tufts Medical School psychiatrist Daniel Carlat believes psychiatry is in crisis. He tells Steve Paulson about his book Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry A Doctor’s Revelations about a Profession in Crisis.
Brian Kane teaches Music Theory at Yale and is fascinated by the role that sound plays in Franz Kafka’s fiction.

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