Toke Talk: PTSD w/ Citrus Sap Strain Review

Today I enjoy Cirtus Sap from Hollyweed907 and I talk about PTSD.

Citrus Sap has a pine fresh forest aroma with lemon zest. These buds have a THC of 21.22% and CDB of 0.2%. They were cultivated with love by Tundra Jane.

Fire it up and taste the zesty forest! These buds burn well and give smooth hits. Hit it really hard and you will be coughing! Two bowls gave me a nice head buzz and I felt a little body high. Three bowls and more gives a clear happy high. Helps with focus and relaxing.

Today I talk about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). What it is, what can happen, and what you can do. Watch the Post Toke Talk on this because I explain it better without rushing and I give a simple example. Here I explain that everyone experiences trauma differently and that one person’s trauma may be more extreme even if it may seem like nothing to someone else. With PTSD the body reacts and so do our emotions.

I explain triggers and I share that there is hope! Yes cannabis! But also THERAPY!!! Specifically EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I talk more about it in the Post, but it is an option that requires no prescriptions! I’ll do a Toke Talk on it someday!

What are some things you know that can help with PTSD?

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