Top PTSD Myths That Hold You Back – PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV

On this week’s PTSD Book Club Brad and I talk about the founder of EMDR, Francine Shapiro’s, book “Getting Past Your Past”!

This book is an incredible read for anyone who is suffering with PTSD.

It will give you hope for a FULL recovery, and also give you some incredibly amazing action steps you can take to finally gain peace in your life.

Here’s what we’re covering…

1 – Getting PTSD from a “perfect” life

2 – Is PTSD really permanent?

3 – How to to take the 1st recovery step

I hope you enjoyed today’s show, and I hope it has provided you with a profound shift in your thinking… because that is the most important step.


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To your recovery!!

– Kayleen

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