Kerry and Jordan discuss two important ICBA live webinars:
– The Wellness Series: Anxiety and Depression 101, July 15 (
– The Wellness Series: Understanding Anxiety and Depression – Develop Agility for a Healthy Response, July 28 (

The Wellness Series: Anxiety and Depression 101
Thursday, July 15, Noon to 1:30PM

Mental illness is the world’s leading cause of disability according to the World Health Organization. This trend in mental illness was growing steady before the global pandemic appeared that defined our lives over the past year.

Since the start of the pandemic, the prevalence of mental illness has increased. Statistics Canada in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada ran a survey to better understand the mental health of Canadian adults in the context of the pandemic. The data was collected between September to December 2020. Results showed that about one in five (21%) Canadian adults aged 18 and older screened positive for at least one of three mental disorders that were assessed: major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Experts predict that the mental health impact of this pandemic will be felt for at least 2 – 3 years. We already know that the construction industry is fraught with high levels of stress, mental illness and suicide. Therefore, we need to be diligent in managing our own health, addressing any symptoms early, and being there for others who may be struggling.

Our webinar on Anxiety and Depression 101 is intended to give you the tools to do just that.

What Will Participants Learn?

· An appreciation of why anxiety and depression have been on the rise – and will continue post COVID
· A refresher on the mental health continuum and understanding our nervous system
· What is anxiety and how to identify signs and symptoms
· Methods to reduce anxiety and when someone may need professional help
· How to name 3 types of mood disorders and what puts someone at risk
· How to identify the signs and symptoms of depression and the types of treatment
· The differences and similarities between anxiety and depression
· Taking care of your’s and your family’s mental health on a daily basis

Presenter: Rochelle Morandini – Morandini Consulting Group


The Wellness Series: Understanding Anxiety and Depression – Develop Agility for a Healthy Response
Wednesday, July 28

Do you know how to best support struggling employees to prevent negative outcomes?

This workshop will give managers and leaders the skills to understand and support employees dealing with mental health conditions.

Anxiety disorders are a common and serious medical condition. Anxiety disorders are a very common and pervasive mental health issues in the workplace.

Depression is a condition which leaves person feels discouraged, sad, hopeless, unmotivated, or disinterested in life in general for more than two weeks, these feelings interfere with daily activities.

This 1.5-hour workshop is focused on giving you the understanding, techniques, and confidence to assist you in supporting employee’s mental health in your workplace.

We will cover key topics, including:

Understanding Anxiety and Depression.
Identify the signs and symptoms.
Describe Identify the most common stereotypes surrounding anxiety and depression.
Describe how specific kinds of behaviours and thought patterns can maintain difficulties in anxiety and depression.
Supervisory skills & strategies.

Presenter: Jeffrey Cartwright

Source: Youtube