Trancing in the sheets with Kaz Riley -Karl Smith, Post trauma and relationships

“The Impact of Post Trauma on Relationships”.

On today’s show Kaz Riley speaks with Hypnotist, Author & Trainer Karl Smith.
Kaz & Karl speak of PTSD minus the “D” for disorder. They discuss how stress factors are gradual and acumilate over a period of time.
This episode is so informative ! It is a Must Watch!!

Karl’s Honesty and presence will make you so comfortable you will feel like you are sitting down with him. Karl has a no nonsense, direct approach to hypnotherapy and coaching with a unique method of Rapid Hypnosis!

Karl is a registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist. He specialises in Post Traumatic Stress and Anxiety but also supports Sleeping Disorder Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Confidence, Hypnotherapy for Child Birth, Hypnosis for Stress

You can find Karl Smith at :

Kaz Riley is an award winning leading international hypnotist, hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer. She is recognised as leading expert in the fields of Sexual freedom, sexual dysfunction and kink friendly hypnotherapy, she has an excellent international reputation for both her work with clients and her specialist training and mentoring programmes for hypnotherapists. Kaz is the founder and creator of Sexual freedom hypnosis, which is now taught across the world.

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