Presented by Jean A. Rhea, LCMFT (KS), LMFT (CA), MS
This session is oriented towards those who may have experienced complex trauma, recovery and growth personally or are now interested in or currently guiding others professionally. One of the key take-aways from this webinar is the importance of asking the question, “What’s happened to you?,” instead of the often misguided question, “What’s wrong with you?,” thus opening to the possibility and opportunity for transpersonal recovery and growth.

Learning Objectives:

Explore moving away from the stigmatizing, marginalizing and polarizing label of ‘addiction’, instead using substance use and misuse.

Explore seeing and holding substance use and misuse as a healthy survival strategy and important primary relationship!

Identifying survival subpersonalities with creative, incredible strengths and survival skills.

Practice identifying and simplifying complex trauma (individual, family, community national and global) and patterns of substance use and misuse into a single snapshot using a new model I am currently developing:

Complex Trauma, Recovery and Growth: A self-directed wellness plan.

Explore how to turn Survival Subpersonalities and their Survival Skills and Strengths into new and more Authentic Selves with Recovery Skills and Strengths.

Identifying recovery and post-traumatic growth as an often immediate response.

Source: Youtube