Transition Drill Episode 001 – Shiloh Catanese

Dr. Catanese holds a Masters and a Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. She has over ten years of specialized training and experience in assessing sexual disorders, compulsions, and offending behavior. For the majority of her career, she worked on a containment team alongside the California Department of Corrections and the United States Federal Probation Department, evaluating and monitoring sexual offenders. She has presented research nationally and internationally on the topic of sexual offense prevention. She has extensive training and experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which allows the client to be involved in examining thought patterns as related to behaviors and further developing individualized interventions.

Dr. Catanese is currently employed as a law enforcement psychologist with a large southern California agency. She is the first psychologist at her department with sworn law enforcement experience. She spent seven years as a police officer, where she performed duties as a patrol officer, Terrorism Liaison Officer, and background investigator while pursuing her doctorate in Forensic Psychology. Throughout graduate school, she conducted research on police-specific issues such as PTSD, the effects of critical incidents, suicide prevention, and career-jeopardizing behaviors of officers. She has previously trained several law enforcement agencies throughout the country on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder prevention and sexual offense investigation topics.

Dr. Catanese is the daughter, sister, and wife of law enforcement officers and the sister of a firefighter, bringing a variety of perspectives and empathy to her clinical work with first responders. She has a particular interest in developing first responders’ self-care and resiliency for long-term mental fitness.

Dr. Catanese is the co-host of the podcast LA Not So Confidential.

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