Transitioning children is child abuse and sexual violence. Triggered PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder. I was triggered into hyperarousal and still feeling the effects starting this video. Heart pounding, angry etc. I started feeling calmer as I expressed my voice. I process somehow when I am triggered.

It is rare for me to feel the emotion of anger and I am angry in this video. I swear more when in hyperarousal.

These are my views as a survivor of sexual violence. I think indoctrinating and transitioning children is sexual violence. Celebrity endorsed too.

I was triggered because looking more into transitioning children, I see it as celebrity endorsed child abuse. I see indoctrinating children that they are not boys or girls if they don’t conform to stereotypes as abuse. I see giving drugs like puberty blockers and sex hormones to children and performing body alternating surgeries on children to transition as abuse.

I see the social justice woke ideologies as pseudoscience aka bullshit. There are so many different genders now it’s ridiculous. To me, neurodiversity and black lives matter are also ideologies indoctrinating oppressor vs oppressed. It is harmful. It’s abusive. It’s making people feel like victims.

There has been a change in language like gender assigned at birth instead of sex. Also overuse of the word ‘triggered’ minimising the effects for actual trauma survivors.

Gender and queer studies are not science. Biology is science. But now some people who have studied biology can’t even tell the difference between science and pseudoscience. I studied biology for 2 years as part of a 3 year Bachelor of Science degree majoring in chemistry. Seems to me that these days, people are paying money to get a PhD in the church of Woke (self-identification as perceived persecution from what I gather).

Source: Youtube