Trauma and addiction

Untreated trauma can contribute to addiction.

In this video Linda Hill, a senior psychotherapist at Castle Craig Hospital, describes the effect of trauma on the brain.

Castle Craig Hospital is one of the few rehab clinics in UK that offers trauma therapy to patients. In trauma therapy, people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are taught how to cope with the psychological and physiological reactions to their traumatic memories.

Dr. Margaret McCann, the CEO and Co-Founder of Castle Craig, explains why it was introduced:

“I introduced trauma therapy at Castle Craig because there was growing evidence of the need to address unresolved trauma where addiction was complicated by such a history.

“In particular the role of traumatic memories in relapse was something that couldn’t be ignored. In a more general sense I saw that a clinic aspiring to be known as a centre of excellence had to offer a holistic treatment approach and not focus too narrowly on the treatment of addictions.

“The introduction of trauma therapy has been an important factor in offering a comprehensive approach to care.”

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