Trauma & Awakening: a message of hope

I created this video to give hope to those who are wanting to heal their trauma, and I do this by drawing on the profound connection between healing trauma and the spiritual experience of Awakening.

Trauma is any kind of extreme experience which has an ongoing effect on the nervous system, such as a fear response, anxiety, and emotional states.

Acute trauma is the result of one extreme incident such as a violent attack, a car accident, war, (to name but a few) and often it manifests as ptsd – post traumatic stress disorder.

Complex trauma is an accumulation of traumatic events over a long period of time, especially during childhood – kind of like a sledgehammer that repeatedly is pounding away at the nervous system causing long-term difficulties and ongoing anxiety or panic or mood problems.

It often begins with developmental trauma, that is trauma which happens in early life, when a person is still developing. Often, this kind of trauma can even begin before the development of the pre-frontal cortex, that’s the reasoning mind, so this kind of trauma happens before a person has even developed the ability to even understand, articulate, process or remember what has occurred.

Trauma shows us in an extreme way how the world affects us as human beings – how we can come into life completely whole, with all that we need in order to develop and grow into our most fulfilled selves with maximum self actualisation….

…until things happened to us and suddenly we perceive that there are rules about what we can and can’t achieve, and our moods get in the way, and we suffer anxiety and panic and there are physiological limitations which stop us from living our best lives.

My point is that even in a non-traumatic life, things happen, and things affect us, YET, we are rarely taught how to work with ourselves; we are not taught how to deal with our emotional states as they come and go, we are not taught how to have the ability to cultivate self-love, and to deal with suffering.

The journey of healing from trauma paves the way to Awakening, because it requires a productive and loving distance from the body and nervous system and mind, and this distance can plunge the observer (the one who is healing) into pure Awareness.

Those who embark on a journey of healing trauma therefore can teach us all about how to go from the suffering even of everyday life, to the profundity of knowing our Wholeness and innate health and peace.

I approach the healing of trauma using multiple modalities. I take into account the body and nervous system, the mind, and the concept that our bodies and minds remember wholeness and health – and we can integrate into this wholeness.

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