Trauma for Medically Complex Families: Understanding the Environment and Collaborating on Solutions

Parents of children and youth with medical complexities can experience trauma from the medical experiences they encounter while parenting and caring for their children.

Parents of medically complex children are repeatedly exposed to traumatic situations and frequently encounter situation that bring back memories of trauma related to past medical interventions, medical decline, and care needs for their child. They experience exhaustion because they are required to be hyper-vigilant with their child and are often sleep deprived, both of which compound symptoms of trauma.

Traumatic parental experiences with complex paediatric care can manifest to include symptoms such as extreme anxiety, depression and complicated grief. In some cases parents are diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

In this webinar we will introduce the subject of trauma/PTSD for parents of medically complex children, highlight key issues, evidence and available statistics.
We will convene a panel discussion among 3 parents of medically complex children who have experienced trauma and/or have a PTSD diagnosis directly related to their child’s care in hospital. They will be joined by a pediatrician working with complex care patients and their families. The moderated panel will focus on a discussion about the topic for 30 minutes, followed by a 20 minute open Q&A with webinar participants engaged by phone (dial in), or by chat box. The webinar and discussion will end/close with an opportunity to vote on the top 3 priorities for action – focusing on a solutions-based takeaway for webinar participants.

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