Trauma Symptoms and the Body – CPTSD – PTSD – Stress

Trauma Symptoms and the Body – CPTSD – PTSD – Stress
Experiencing a trauma can be very hard and confusing. I talk about some of the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, having the body flooded with cortisol (the stress hormone). Dealing with symptoms of trauma is hard. It can be unclear how it directly affects our physical body, such as pain, our bones and muscles.

Psoas muscles is a large muscle that’s water percentage is very high. Because the percentage of water is so high this muscle is affected by stress and loud noises. The Psoas muscle is known as the court jester of the lower body, which means it affects our lower body alignment and movement of the bones and muscles. When we are stressed the muscle can affect our digestion, posture, back pain, and how we breathe.

Psoas muscles are associated with the second chakra: Svadhisthana. The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is connected to our sexuality, emotions, and self-expression.

Psoas Meditation:
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