Trauma Work Has It's Benefits! Hawaii 4.0

Traveling to Hawaii to teach our nations Military DoD/VA psychiatrists and psychologists and Social Workers/Psychotherapists Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) now for the past few years, I have met some of the brightest best people on the globe! Teach has been a privilege and an honor, Mahalo to all of you! I have always wanted to make a highlights reel of our adventures, so here it is! On this trip I call Hawaii 4.0, I take my little brother Jared (Jar-bob as we call him) to help film and get his first taste of Oahu! A special Mahalo to Michael Youngling, LMFT whose also a Veteran and dear friend, for taking us sailing on his sick sailboat! And another special mention to all the service members attending the past 8 trainings in Hawaii for their Aloha spirit, hospitality and all that they have taught me over the years!
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Hello! In case you’re wondering or curious, I am Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor II. I’ve worked in high intensity residential care specializing in the treatment of Chemical Use Disorder & Mental Illness, a just long enough stint in Public Mental Health, owned a very successful private practice, then for some crazy reason dreamt up the idea of creating an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center specializing in Chemical Use Disorder & Trauma located in Minnesota! I have walked away from all of these today to chase a bigger goal, to teach 10,000 Mental Health Providers the skill of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and educate as many to the origins, effects, and CURE for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)! May God be with me!!! Lol!!

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