Traumatic brain injury made me an overnight artist?! (Acquired savant syndrome)

I’m Lucy, and I’m here to share my story with the world.

This is an art channel, but I’m not an artist. In fact I was comically bad at art. In 2019 I was hit by a truck. I sustained damage to my left temporal lobe. A few weeks into my healing, I attempted a sketch because I was so bored of being bedridden. I drew a pair of lips. To my shock, they looked real. At least realer than anything else I’d ever even dreamed of before.

I’ve consulted neurologists who state that I have “acquired savant syndrome”, otherwise known as “de novo artistic ability after traumatic brain injury”.

I ask myself, where could these skills have come from? How could I know something I’ve never learned? Why me? I have so many questions and not many answers. Not much help. It’s a lonely world.

I promise to share the ups and downs of my artistic, and neurologic journey. I hope that by sharing this with all of you, I feel less isolated. I hope the future holds something bright.

Source: Youtube