Treating Trauma & PTSD – learn Mental Health

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Treating Trauma & PTSD – learn Mental Health
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A powerful brief intervention for PTSD
How to treat trauma and PTSD
A background in counselling, therapy or psychology; or be in training towards such qualifications,PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – is more pervasive in todays world than many might think. The experience of trauma is more than just a ‘fright’ and comes from an individuals coping mechanisms being overwhelmed. Bullying, assaults, muggings, accidents, financial difficulties and natural disasters outside of a persons control can all leave deep psychological scars. This course teaches scientifically based, highly effective ways to deal with PTSD.,This course is based on the Treating Trauma & PTSD course I run at the Christchurch Mental Health Education Resource Centre, an organisation that provides support and training for coaches, therapists, social workers, counsellors and the like, as part of their professional development.,Given that, this course is aimed at that demographic – people in the helping/supporting and counselling professions. If that’s you, or you’re in the process of becoming involved in the helping professions, this course will be invaluable. It’ll give you real skills that make a real difference – and fast!,This course teaches techniques and strategies for dealing with current stress; and a powerful process for dealing with PTSD. We will look at the process background and individual elements and go deep on why it works and then, most importantly the ‘how to do it’.,So if you want fast, powerful and effective ways to help your clients, patients, friends (and even yourself) deal with trauma, this is the course for you.,I believe this is the most effective way of treating trauma. Not only does the research confirm this, but I have used this process for many years with countless severely traumatised clients — with remarkable success.,Through this course you will learn the individual elements that make it so effective. By understanding this in depth you will be able to confidently apply the technique yourself.,What people are saying:,“Outstanding! I am confident that I will be able to apply all the techniques taught in this course in both my personal and professional life! I have already told some of my friends. Thank you! A+++”,“It was well narrated, defined and understandable. Subject was discussed effectively. Worthy. Best Wishes !!!!!”,“I really appreciate the efficient pacing of objective and factual information presented so that every minute is of great value.”,“I had heard about this process from a professor during my master’s, but now (at the end of my program) and just looking into training for myself. Dr. Alan explains the purpose and function of the process, and each piece of information is broken down an easily digestible way. I took notes along to way and I found this helped me to learn enough to, at least a novice level, explain the process of memory consolidation and the way that the the technique works. I would love another course on this, Alan…I have so many questions! Thank you.”,“Well explained, GREAT POWERFUL TECHNIQUES”,“This is perfect for my needs: to understand trauma and how to identify effects along with strategies to work with current trauma.”,“Very to the point, informative and clear.”,“It was a good course for me and very helpful.”,“I learned a lot. Thank you”,“Very informative”,“The technique was powerful. Everything was broken down into steps so that you could grasp the concepts.”,“It was a very interesting course. I am excited to try it on some of my PTSD clients for whom CBT hasn’t been very effective.”,“Excellent…brief and informative!”,“This is an advanced neuro-linguistic pattern overview with script and demonstration. Good stuff!”,“Will help me with my research to submit category changes to the next edition of the DSM.”,“Yes this is very much in line with the work I am doing – providing healing tools for people looking to live their best lives.”,””Clear concise information, with examples of introduction to client work and interventions. A good balance of theory and practice. I will recommend and also look forward to future courses like such. Excellent””.,Counselors, therapists, psychologists, or those in training towards such qualifications,Counselors, therapists, psychologists, or those in training towards such qualifications

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