Trevante Rhodes & Augusto Aguilera discuss THE PREDATOR at TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Trevante Rhodes & Augusto Aguilera

The Predator: Cast Interviews
By Jaleesa Lashay Diaz

The Predator premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Thursday, as its Midnight Madness opener. EBONY magazine had the opportunity to sit with the cast of the film to discuss the thriller that serves as the fourth film of the series.

The film centers around a group of “misfit” soldiers, who come together to attempt to defeat a space alien. Actor Trevante Rhodes stars as Nebraska Williams, a soldier who suffers from depression. Rhodes recalled being introduced to the original 1987 film, and explained why he wanted to be a part of the series.

“I think when I was about five or six, I saw it (The Predator). My mom loves scary movies and she loves action films,” Rhodes said. “She introduced me and I was terrified. I never saw another scary movie, and then when I had the opportunity to do this with Shane Black, it’s like let’s get it.”

Shane Black, starred in the original film, which aired 31 years ago. He also wrote and directed this film. Black currently faces criticism for having originally featured a scene in the film with actor Steven Wilder Striegel, a registered sex offender and longtime friend. The issue was brought to the studio’s attention by cast member Olivia Munn and the scene was removed.

Keegan Michael Key, comedian and actor also stars in the film as Coyle, a soldier who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). To help prepare for their roles as soldiers, the cast did extensive research and even met with American veterans to learn more about PTSD and their experiences.

“The people that trained us, in all of the weaponry, I would ask them sometimes, is this something that could’ve happened?” Key stated. “I think it’s helpful, because it’s those little moments that open doors. Other than being on camera with people you enjoy working with, that to me is the most fun part.”

Actor, Augusto Aguilera who plays another misfit soldier – Nettles – discussed the responsibility he felt to portray the soldiers in an authentic way.

“The thing is that we’re soldiers, and so, the last thing that you want to do is have soldiers watch this thing and go that’s not us. That doesn’t represent me in anyway. And so, because of that it was really important that we represent these people well. We didn’t want to make fun of them in anyway,” he reiterated.

The Predator officially releases on September 14th. Watch our interviews with the cast below.


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