Tributewod Hillejames crossfit. Goal to create awareness regarding PTSD

3  RFT (rounds for time)
– 27  Pull ups
– 8 Deadlifts 100 / 70 kg
– 41  American kettlebell swing 24/16 kg
– Run 800 mtr 

The Goal of this workout is to create awareness regarding PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This workout is dedicated to Hille James Hillinga who survived a roadside bomb on 27 March, 2008 in Uruzgan Afghanistan.

Hille Hillinga served as an infantryman with 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade of the Dutch Army. During one of his tours in Afghanistan a roadside bomb blew up his vehicle. Shortly after this incident he was flown straight to hospital for severe injuries to his spine. Recovery took many months and also many, many hours of therapy in the gym and is still a battle.

He now works as a professional military combat photographer for the Dutch Armed Forces (hillejames_combatphotographer).

The workout was created by the owner/coach of HERDT Sports. He is also a Uruzgan Veteran who served together with Hille James and was a member of the group with callsign 41B during the mission when the roadside bomb blew up.

The significance of the numbers: The 3, 27 and 8 reps are for the date when the roadside bomb detonated (Mach 27, 08), The number 41 represents the callsign (41), The 800 mtr run equals 100 mtr a person. The total of group members 8 x 100 is 800 mtr. 

The workout is first done by the bravo group who where  there on March 27 2008. On the 4 th of july we did, with the same group, this workout.

“How you can help:
– Do the workout “Hillejames”
– Share the workout with your community by live storytelling and or posting on social media to get awareness for PTSD / PTSS.
Goal is to organize a day or events for wounded soldiers and support other charities that help people who due to other circumstances cannot play sports. With this contribution we want to make people aware it’s important to help others and make them feel confident!  One of the charities is: Nypels-Tans – PTSS Fonds (NTPF). 

Source: Youtube