Triggered Isn’t Your Word

As somebody who has seen somebody mentally breakdown from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, has seen this disorder not be treated as seriously as it should be, and have seen others be written off as being ‘ overly sensitive ’ when they have a real issue— it has made me upset. When a serious word that should be used in the correct context and is used as something so minor, it immediately makes people who genuinely have triggers grouped in with whiny SJW’s. There are people out there who genuinely have mental breakdowns, whether it’s by being misgendered as a trans person to full on flashbacks, from triggers. I just want SJW’s, who care ‘ so much ’ about others and their mental health, to fucking understand that this word doesn’t mean being upset over little issues.

It is much more than that, and I hope you see what I’m trying to convey in this video.

Source: Youtube