Triggers Soon After Affair D-Day || PSTD After Cheating Spouse || Can We Talk? #98

The pain and trauma of betrayal is intense. Symptoms can include triggers that are basically non-stop. And post-infidelity triggers are everywhere!! People are a trigger, music is a trigger, being with people is a trigger, being alone is a freaking trigger. Your spouse is a trigger.

This happens because betrayal trauma can cause symptoms similar to PTSD- you can call it post traumatic infidelity syndrome or post infidelity stress disorder – or whatever else you like because there is no actual diagnosis for it. There should be. There definitely should be.

A betrayal trigger is similar to any other trigger in the way we can manage them. We have to expect triggers, plan for triggers and face them one by one with our plan of action.

How have you dealt with triggers? How long did it take for the triggers to stop or at least subside? What advice would you give to someone who is being assaulted by triggers?

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