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Album Troubled Minds.

My name is Suzie Stanford and I suffer from Complex PTSD; the idea for this album grew out of a concept I had to raise awareness and funding for sufferers of PTSD within the servicemen and women profession. As with all PTSD sufferers, life is a huge challenge for me, but I like to set myself goals and following on from the loss of a dear military friend I decided – with the full support and encouragement of my late father who was a Coldstream Guard, to set myself the challenge of performing live on stage to raise awareness and money for sufferers of PTSD. During the process, I discovered I had a talent I never knew I had and my plan now is to become a songwriter! During my musical journey which started around 2015, I found myself at South Devon College in Paignton, studying music performance where I performed live on stage several times and raised money for PTSD Resolution along with several other students. The tracks on this album range from the very first song that I wrote in February 2015, to the final one I wrote at South Devon College, Paignton in June 2017.

I am currently studying on a university course Creative Music, Recording and Production.

This album has been donated to PTSD resolution. 100% of sales go to the charity who are helping our military persons that are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you have enjoyed this track, album or video, which can be seen on the youtube link below, and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it, and wish to support our military persons that are suffering from the effects of PTSD, please donate or purchase the album via

My facebook page will show pictures of the making of the video.

Troubled Minds track.

I wrote the lyrics to this track with the help of a lot of military persons one being a gentleman called Frank. Many military persons responded to my requests asking how they felt when returning back from action. There is to many to mention here but thanks to all of them and for allowing me to take from them their thoughts and words and insights so that this could be created.

The melody came to me following the loss of a dear friend Richard, may he R.I.P. Richard served in the marines and was affected by PTSD.

I dedicate this to my dad George and Richard, both military themselves, and to all the military suffering the effects of PTSD. I hope it raises as much awareness, support and funding as was intended.

If you are affected by anything in this video or music or are suffering the effects of PTSD please contact


Executive producer/producer Suzie Stanford.
Funded by my late father Mr George Ferris. (Directing and Music Production)
PRODUCER: Suzie Stanford and Simon Gregg.
Video director: Steve Du Melo.
Cameraman: Antony Hedley
Co-director/cameraman: Andrew Zip Hale
Photographers: Ron McMillan. Andrew Zip Hale. Antony Hedley.
Video ideas from various sources.

Actors: Michael Paul Harrild. Ron McMillan, Graham Burfield. Susan Robinson. Gordon. Ash Rousley. Iona Grace Walsh. Outdoor shooting. Michael Paul Harrild. Brent Cooper. Graham Briscoe. Ian Cockburn. Peter Young. Tan Denne.
Costumes supplied by Stringtown supplies. 1066 Airsoft. Julia Smith. Makeup Stacey Robinson.
Venues and supporters with filming. Buskers Bar. Lynn Skinner. Marcus Swaddling. Sarah Goldilocks. Zack Sinclair.

The actors, producers, costumes, makeup, crew, location etc were all donated for the Troubled Minds video.

The initial music arrangement on the Troubled Minds video, Richards Song and So I’m Gonna Say….wishes to remain anonymous. The initial recording, arranging and video expenses for these were funded by my late father who sadly passed away before the completion of the album. The re-recording to these 3 tracks and the remaining 11 tracks were donated by Simon Gregg.

Musicians on the latter part of the album in South Devon College Paignton::
Simon Gregg
Beth Waite
Jon Lee
Alex Fisher
Kaeleigh Harris
Jane Taylor
Dylan Vanes
Callum Boot

Artwork: Simon Gregg

Thank you so much to the people that took part in creating this album and especially to those that gave their time freely to the cause. Without you this could not have been completed. Your generosity to the cause has been amazing.

Source: Youtube