TURNING A MOVEMENT INTO A MOVEMENT… "Post Traumatic Prison Disorder and Suicide Prevention"

September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003.
The number of people who took their own life while on supervision after leaving prison has increased sixfold since 2010 to a rate of one every two days.

This week we will be discussing Post Traumatic Prison Disorder and Suicide Prevention with our Special Guest: Shawanna Vaughn

Prison Causes Mental And Emotional Damage
Post-Traumatic Prison Disorder refers to the long-term psychological damage caused by prolonged incarceration.
Shawanna Vaughn is from New York, author of the newly released book…
“Cries For Change” Journey from Incarceration to Advocacy.
Ms Vaughn, is the founder and director of Silent Cry…nationally-renowned humanitarian activist, facilitated Post-Traumatic Prison Disorder Shawanna W76337, an act that is a groundbreaking and necessary piece of legislation to address the mental health crisis faced by the American correctional system.

Please join our Host, Jay Love from The Justice for Gerard Movement and our panel:
-Attorney Hugo Mack,
-Trischè Duckworth Founder of Survivors Speak,
-Rev Tia Littlejohn, Life Coach & Behavioral Therapist
Ally Hughes, Michigan Liberation and Accountability Dearborn
-Edward Barakah Sanders, Paralegal and Social Worker….


Source: Youtube