TW: An Integration Update from Kayvon, Damien & Katy (Mk Survivor w/Polyfragmented DID)

Hi everyone, this is an update from some parts of our polyfragmented system about some things we’re doing to integrate within our many subsystems.

Some potentially triggering topics mentioned in this video include: Polyfragmented DID and integration, online abuse, trauma-based mind control and deprogramming, cognitive dissonance, post-traumatic stress nightmares, gratitude, the propensity for dissociation as a genetic trait that is intentionally passed down in multigenerational occult families, meditating on nonduality to dissolve the programmed lie of duality, scrambling programming, rapid switching, splitting, showering, a spiritual experience with the feminine/motherly aspect of god (we did our best to minimize triggers but still had to use some potentially triggering language in order to describe this), seeing god as nondualistic in gender, having an Earth-based spirituality since early childhood, being sick and dehydrated, glitching

We also want to give a warning that at 7:28, a tiny bug flew in front of our face, which triggered us. We were eventually able to move on, but had to stop a couple of times and explain that we were still triggered.

At 9:30, I also did something that may be triggering for others. It was unintentional, but I said a potentially triggering word with emphasis and my head twitched at the same time. I can see how this could be really activating for others, so I hope that mind control survivors who choose to watch this part of the video do so with extra caution. There were other moments when I said things with emphasis and twitched that may be triggering too.

If anyone is activated by anything in this video, we want you to know that that was not our intent. We only made this video in attempt to help ourselves and others heal.

~ Katy

Source: Youtube