T'was a Beach of 44 | STAGE 1 teaser

I’m in the process of a new EATEOT fan-project that I entitled “T’was a Beach of 44.” Rather than Alzheimer’s, this project will focus on the affects of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Expect the full release of Stage 1 sometime this spring.

*I give anyone full permission to use this media in any way as long as they CREDIT ME and LINK MY CHANNEL
*All the music in T’was a Beach of 44 will be my own composition
*All the album covers in T’was a Beach of 44 are Laurent Craste’s porcelain works photo-manipulated by me to look like paintings
*Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can anyone claim this media as their own work; failure to abide by these TOS will result in a copyright strike from me

Source: Youtube