Twin Flames: Divine Masculine Rising and Feeling Assured SHIFT

Welcome To The Twin Flame Propel.

It’s not only a journey reflecting life and living but it’s a journey to grow altogether in the very essence of being with the shimmers of originality concocted by the virtue of patience ,light and love.

It’s my attempt to bring forth to you my insights through my journey ,life and living to help you attain your union with the love of your life.

The path of the twin flame journey is merely a self discovery process where you proceed to understand yourself slowly on a deeper level.

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The services I offer are as follows:

Twin Flame Tarot Reading :20 minutes $11.11.

Twin Flames In Depth Tarot Reading :1 hour $55.55

Twin Flames Harmonious Union and Life Purpose Course: $111.11 (Duration 21 days)

Tarot Reading and Healing Course: $222.22(Duration 30 days)

An Unique Guide To Automatic Writing:

$333.33(Duration 45 days)

The services are designed to serve the best of your purpose and bring you to a state of higher consciousness than ever before thus elevating upto your highest possible form.

The prices are kept reasonable understanding the monetary issues faced in the process of the spiritual journey and growth.

Even leading to spiritual bankruptcy at times. A lot of the members of the the collective have severe Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of them also suffer from Self Love Deficit Disorder.

Needless to say that when considering the universe as whole and focusing on the overall worldwide economy,there is major part of the universe still living under the darkness of poverty or lower economical currency rate owing to the availability of a cheaper cost of life.

This is one of major problems why personal issues or a tarot card reading or attempting to learn something so unique and extraordinary becomes quite an unachievable dream because of the higher prices surrounding the process.

This is also the reason the unhealed mental issues remain untouched and left out.

I couldn’t really be miserably needy for money when I was guided towards such a divine purpose. I understood that my purpose was raise the consciousness of the universe through the collective. I understood life quite with the logic and awareness than be blinded by areas of my personal needs. It is my attempt to be able to help as many people as that I can towards their harmonious union with their true twin.

This is also the reason it’s difficult to go and seek and in-depth guidance towards the Twin Flame Union.

Therefore by keeping all these in the mind,with the best of the reflection even on my own journey , my needs,keeping up to stay connected to my roots and believing in the universe ,I was guided to keep the prices as low as I could.

I hope I smear and smudge my magic with the power of my love ,light and truth. This is a kind of magic ,you haven’t yet perceived because I am me ,you are you , unique and divine.

With Love,

The Twin Flame Propel.

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