Two Dangerous Consequences of Abuse Trauma

Two Dangerous Consequences of Abuse Trauma

Abuse is very traumatic and can leave lasting consequences.

Physical Impact

Body releases chemicals in response to trauma but long term exposure to those chemicals can cause organ failure, heart attack, stroke, depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Impact

You can re-experience the trauma at any time, often in nightmares which again will release the chemicals and have you feeling on edge, disturbed sleep and scared.

Many people avoid certain triggers as they remind them of the abuse which can take over their lives and stop them experiences new things

Hyperarousal can leave a person feeling constantly on edge, waiting for something bad to happen. This often leads to anger and irritability which can make the victim look ill

Often people cut off completely and become numb in an effort to protect themselves. This may leave them seeming cold and can often be misdiagnosed as other mental health issues.

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