Under Surveillance – Australian Rape Victim, Human Rights Defender in Japan

Catherine Jane Fisher was raped in 2002 by a U.S. military serviceman stationed in Japan.

Human Rights Now Award winning Human Rights Defender and Author, Fisher was the first woman to Break The Silence in Japan.

For the past two decades, through her organization WARRIORS JAPAN and I AM JANE, she and her Team Jane, have been assisting Rape Victims and their families and other crimes of Murder and Domestic Violence.

Catherine Jane Fisher has noticed that she was Under Surveillance since she began to Speak Out. On many occasions Fisher has asked the Japanese Government as to why and who is giving orders for this surveillance for almost 20 years.

The Japanese Government wishes to join the United Nations Security Council. The main components of the Security Council are Security, Peace and Women.
In the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, three main components are:

* To prevent violations of Women’s Rights.

* To support Women’s Participation in Peace Negotiations and in Post Conflict Reconstruction.

* To protect Women and Girls from Sexual and Gender-based Violence in armed conflict.

This Resolution has since become an organizing framework for the Women, Peace, Security Agenda. Resolution 1325 was adopted unanimously by the Security Council on October 31st , 2000 after recalling other Resolutions. This acknowledgement stems front the efforts by International organizations, national governments and civil society all over the world to establish what is known as the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

The Japanese Government as of writing this in 2019, has still not been accepted as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Two Decades of Human Rights Violations of placing Rape Victim, Award Winning Human Rights Defender, Catherine Jane Fisher, under surveillance is a grave Human Rights Violation.

It has been proven in the Tokyo District Court of Japan and in the Courts of Milwaukee, that Fisher was raped and suffered from Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and is suffering from the long term surveillance of her personal life and space.

Catherine Jane Fisher, apart from the Surveillance is an extremely positive woman and loved immensely by her family, friends and supporters. In her spare time she loves to paint and is an avid gardener.

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