Understanding Spiritual Wounds of Combat Trauma

This thesis recognizes Spiritual Wounds in Combat Trauma Veterans, Identifying it as a separate issue from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. When core values of spiritual belief are violated, Spiritual Wounds will occur (i.e., Thou shall not kill) originating from the same trauma event. They are two separate wounds requiring two unique approaches. Active Military and Veterans may experience Spiritual Wounds without being in harm’s way, and sometimes a thousand miles from the battlefield as experienced by Drone Operators. The latter do not meet Posttraumatic Stress Disorder criteria but suffer Spiritual Wounds, not Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.The Veterans Administration has been aware of Spiritual Wounds, which they referred to as Moral Injuries, a politically correct designation since the 1980s. No serious research has been forthcoming at present by the veteran’s Administration. Treatment of Spiritual Wounds is still under the umbrella of a Mental Disorder.Ministering from a spiritual perspective is necessary to minister to Spiritual Wounds, Mental Disorders, from a Mental Health perspective. This thesis recognizes the historical presence of Spiritual Wounds in Combat Veterans and its need for a separate ministry.At present, I am ministering to the Spiritual Wounds of Combat Trauma Veterans through a Christian Biblical Christ Counseling approach that suits Christian Veterans or those who are open to Christ Centered Counseling.

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