Understanding Trauma Triggers, with Stephen Porges, PhD

Stephen Porges, PhD shares a Polyvagal-informed approach that can help clients better understand their triggers and begin to feel more at home in their own bodies.
For more strategies on using Polyvagal theory in your work look here:

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In the aftermath of trauma, some clients struggle to feel a sense of connection to their bodies.

And when clients can’t properly interpret the sensations or messages that the body is sending to the brain, it can be very difficult for them to get a handle on their triggers.

A Polyvagal-informed approach can strengthen your work with trauma by helping you target your client’s nervous system more effectively.

So if you found this video helpful, you can hear more from Stephen about how to integrate Polyvagal Theory into the treatment of trauma here: https://www.nicabm.com/program/trauma-porges-15/?del=9.3.21YTDescription

Source: Youtube