Unethical lawyer, abusive ex, stigma mental health advocacy, intimidation, voice.

My name is Xanthe Wyse (I legally changed my name). Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I went into a marriage with PTSD (undiagnosed) and after the end of a 2 decade marriage, came out with diagnoses of bipolar 1 and PTSD (even worse than when went in). During the marriage, was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression and generalised anxiety disorder.

The person I saw as my best friend became my enemy. Another woman moved into my house after I was bullied into a psychiatric ward (breakdown). I didn’t get paid one cent for the house that I had jointly owned.

In this video, I read out one of the bullshit letters I got, accusing me of being a danger to my son. It was using misrepresented information gleaned from social media, when I started my independent mental health advocacy. It was an attempt to intimidate me back into silence.

In an email argument after I got this letter, it was confirmed that my ex thought I was going to kill my son.

I wove some of the ridiculousness of this drama into my semiautobiographical novel, Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice. Pet Purpose went No. 1 on Amazon during the free promotion in biographical fiction category.

I am currently editing a memoir, Bipolar Cringe, that was writing to help cope with the disintegration of my marriage. Most of it was written in the final year of my marriage, before I ended up a psych ward. I talked to my psychologist about publishing it and she thinks it would be very beneficial for further understanding of mental health. Despite risking my ex getting poopy again. He is not named or otherwise identified. Most people don’t even know who I was married to.

I have a voice via my art – my paintings and my writing. My ex has tried to intimidate me into silence. I will not shut up. All my creative expression is about why I changed my name. It gives me a sense of purpose to give a voice to the vulnerable.

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