Unravelling PTSD and Addiction, Nancy Chaplin and Pantea Kalhor, PTSD Self-Healing Show- Episode 8

✳️ What a deep conversation about addiction and grief. I was honored to talk to Nancy Chaplin. She is known as Exponential Joy for she truly has learned to live an exponentially-joyful life. Joy is her life. She is the founder and CEO of Exponential Joy. Nancy is a Spiritual Response Therapist (SRT), Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Light Worker. She uses the many modalities of healing to help clear and balance your energies. Her purpose and passion are to help as many people as possible through her Make Your Magic Happen webinar series and guided meditation CD — ONE Spirit in Joy.

✔️She has been through so many traumas since childhood.
✔️Her parents were separated when she was only 7-year-old.
✔️She was Raped at age of 13 and that was the root of other traumas. She started consuming drugs at that age.
✔️Later on, her daughter was killed, and her son was badly injured in a boat accident
✳️But she worked on herself to recover and now she is helping others.

Source: Youtube