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Back in May I was finally able to work up the bravery to give anti-anxiety medications a try in order to attempt to better manage my anxiety related to my C-PTSD. I was absolutely terrified, seeing as I have a severe paranoid fear of the side effects of psychosomatic drugs, (pharmacophobia), but thankfully I was lucky and havent had anything too bad come out of this new experience thus far. There is a lot to what I’ve been through with this huge new step I’m taking in my treatment though, so do check out the video to learn more, and please be sure to comment below if you can relate in any way!

Note: I noticed I contradicted my explanation of how my hydrosis had changed as I was transitioning onto this new medication. To clarify, for the first week or so, everything, including my hydrosis, got worse. And then most of my other anxiety symptoms continued to be worse for about a month, but the hydrosis was the first thing to start to show signs of improvement.

The previous vlog I made discussing my fear of starting this medication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Th18t6S38&t=3s

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