Using Exposure Therapy For Anxiety Recovery!

Are you using exposure therapy for anxiety recovery? It is one of the best ways to overcome and start recovering from anxiety. Exposure therapy is basically a form of cbt or Cognitive behavioral therapy. where you expose yourself to fears or things that make you uncomfortable in order to desensitize your reactions. Exposure therapy is great for those who aren’t dealing with an anxiety disorder too! Exposure therapy has also been known to help phobias, ptsd, social anxiety and trauma sufferers! Here are my Tips for anxiety *** So how do we overcome anxiety or beat anxiety? These are tips that you should be trying every single day to stop your anxiety! Dont skip any days and remember that there will still be bad days. Its how we handle the bad days, that determines how we progress in our mental health. Make sure you are exercising daily, eating healthy, keeping a journal, taking a multivitamin, practicing meditation in the mornings and evenings, practicing cbt, keep counseling or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation and asmr videos, join online support groups, and most importantly do this everyday and dont give up! Thank you so much for the comment, please keep in touch, and please Subscribe if you haven’t gotten the chance!

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