VA Claims – Coping with PTSD by using Crystal Meth And Alcohol

Howdy Veterans, I’m Combat Craig I created this channel so that I could share my VA Disability Claim experiences with you. I have made many mistakes with my VA Claim in the past and I have now taken charge of my claim so that I don’t make those same mistakes with the Veterans Administration in the future.

When I got out I was in a lot of pain. I smoked weed but I was just not a very good stoner. I still have plenty of friends that burn every day and as that works for them, it doesn’t work for me. Instead, I turned to alcohol and I got really hammered when I drank. I never got in trouble with the law and I can’t believe that I never got a DUI because there at least three times that I should have been arrested and thrown in the drunk tank for the night.

My solution to this was using cocaine along with my alcohol so that I could drink more and for longer. Reasonable doses of cocaine are quite effective if you want to party long into the night but it’s expensive and it doesn’t hit you very hard. Crystal Meth was becoming a popular solution to this problem especially after the 80’s when the prices got really jacked up. I could buy $25 worth of Meth and that would last me longer than an eight ball of cocaine which I believe was around $250 at the time. Crystal Meth burns a lot when you snort it and the drip is really gnarly. This is the main reason why I started to smoke it as well as snorting it.

At first, I just did a bump to help me get out of my alcohol stumper but if you know anything about Meth, you know that it keeps you up all night long and you can’t go to sleep until like 8 am the next morning. This quickly turned into a daily habit for me because I couldn’t get motivated in the morning so I would do a bump in the morning before work. I was in a lot of pain from the symptoms of PTSD, i didn’t know how to ask for help and the Meth and Alcohol combo that I created for myself helped me cope with Ptsd. Obviously I didn’t know that it even existed in the early nineties but if I did I probably wouldn’t have gone to the VA because I enjoyed getting high and drunk because it removed the pain.

Life went on line this for a few years. I worked construction and as my boss new that I partied, he paid me $10 an hour to hand him tools and clean up and if there is one thing that tweakers love to do is clean up so it was a perfect match. My girlfriend at the time was also doing drugs and drinking and I talked her into giving up her day job which paid $250 per week so that she could be a stripper and make $500 per night. We were both drug addicts and this made perfect sense to me at the time. After a few years, I got interested in working with computers on the internet and I knew that I would have to seriously adjust my partying if I was going to be effective in what ultimately became my career for the next 15 or so years.

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