VA C&P Examiner Breaks Down PTSD vs. Anxiety [Hill and Ponton]

This is our second video with Dr. Vonetes, a licensed Psychologist and C&P Examiner in Florida. June is coming – PTSD Awareness Month. Today we discuss PTSD vs. Anxiety, you won’t want to miss it!

0:00 Introduction
0:50 How to differentiate between PTSD and Anxiety?
2:20 Common Symptoms of Anxiety
2:40 Different Types of Anxiety Disorders
4:30 Why does PTSD have a different DBQ than other mental health conditions?
5:32 What qualifies as a PTSD stressor? What counts as a PTSD stressor?
6:33 Real Threat of Death PTSD stressors, Combat vs. Non-Combat
7:54 Real Example of Non-Combat PTSD stressor (soldier was on leave)
9:53 Another Real Example of Non-Combat PTSD stressor
11:30 What stressors don’t qualify for PTSD? Is harassment a military PTSD stressor?
13:28 More examples of qualifying PTSD stressors
14:55 How many veterans are you seeing with some symptoms of PTSD but not enough to qualify for the PTSD criteria per VA regulations?
16:58 Adjustment Disorder breakdown and VA benefits for adjustment disorder
18:18 Real example of combat medic being denied PTSD
20:00 Is the VA trying to avoid using the word “PTSD” when providing diagnoses to veterans?
21:14 Is harassment enough to trigger an anxiety disorder?
21:31 The prevalence of OCD in military veterans (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
23:18 Classical Conditioning Example
24:08 Why do some C&P Examiners get it wrong so often?
25:57 Secondary service connection for Depression and other conditions
27:52 How often are you seeing mental health conditions that are secondary to a service-connected back problem or other physical injury?
29:29 How the VA rates Mental Health Disorders
32:20 How common are 0% mental health ratings?
32:51 What happens when a C&P examiner says there’s not enough symptoms to make a diagnosis?
35:44 10% Mental Health Rating Discussed
36:10 Do C&P Examiners evaluate my symptoms based on taking medication or without?
38:30 70% Mental Health Rating Discussed
38:52 Suicidal Ideation and your VA benefits
41:30 100% Mental Health Rating Discussed
44:52 Tips on managing and handling your PTSD and Anxiety Symptoms
46:56 Do dogs help with PTSD? Do pets help with mental health?
48:03 What to do when going through a panic attack

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