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I have started incorporating functional workout into my training & I feel more mobile and athletic when I do! The whole purpose of functional workouts is they’re more applicable to everyday life & burn more calories too 💁‍♀️
Make sure TAG 🏷 your workout partner or friends and do tag me too when you perform it -Hi, I am Vaishnavi- A Certified Fitness Coach and a Nutritionist. I am a mother to 9-year old boy, and I give customized Body Transformation Training to help people achieve their fitness goals as per their body type. Apart from this, I love Fashion and I like Chic’ ensembles to carry. Last but not the least, I am a Motivational Speaker and Coach.

My struggles:
You see, hailing from a reserved family background the journey has not been an easy one. About 8 and a half years ago, just a few months after my baby was born, I suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

My confidence and self-esteem took a plunge and I usually felt quite low about how my body had gained weight, having no clue as to what I will do next!! Hence, I mustered up all my courage and decided that my confidence needed to be restored. The very first step was to get my fitness back.

Since I had become lethargic and demotivated, I thought beginning with small but achievable targets. For this, I started working out at home, all the while handling my infant and my family. Although, the pressure was immense, yet I managed to incorporate small changes in my daily routine.

As I became better and saw that these changes had begun to shape up, I shifted my workout routines to the gym, and I shredded the extra kilos at a faster pace. I also noticed how my body was changing and muscles building up. This boosted my self- confidence and I decided to go in for Weight Training.

The Opposing:
In those days, especially in my area and nearby, good Coaches were difficult to find. Hence, through YouTube and Internet, whatever knowledge I could gather, I trained myself with it.

But people opposed a lot as they thought that why do I need to build muscles and look like a man!!!

I had to break this stereotype about women and shatter the myths of many. And thus, I went a step ahead and Certified myself as a Fitness Coach and a Nutritionist.

The Conquering:
As easy it sounds, on the contrary, it was a challenging experience for me. But with the immense support of my husband, I managed to not only make a career in Fitness Coaching, but also helped many women gain their confidence and build a physique they always wanted.

This helped me empower them to begin their own fitness journey and transform their lives not only physically, but mentally too.

The journey has continued since then, and I believe that women can always lift each other up bringing power to each other in the society.

Breaking the Stereotype of a Woman with Muscles was not easy, but as they say,” Consistency and Hard work always pay off”.

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