Vanessa Spatz Video Diary 1: Introduction + PTSD and Anxiety

Vanessa Spatz Video 1: Introduction + PTSD and Anxiety

I am Vanessa Spatz. I was born in Guatemala, Central America and was a TV and music personality throughout my younger years. There are so many things, good , amazing and really bad, that happened in my life, but I am OK. This video makes emphasis in who I am, I introduce myself, I admit that I do suffer from PTSD and anxiety and explain why. I will continue telling my story because my life itself has not been easy at all. I am not posting these videos to become a youtube celebrity, but to leave a legacy, a referral for other people that probably feel something similar. I know I could have written a diary, but I am not very much a person that writes texts or emails to express or tell people about my life. I believe in having a face to face conversation. This is the first video I post. I don’t know how many I will post or if in the future I will delete them or change them from public to private, but at this time I believe this is the best for me to do. I am doing this for me, my decision, my honesty. Thank you for watching.

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