Very SHORT video about me and MY situation, So that you could try to understand me better.

I have ( things inside my head ):

High Functioning Autism ( including Misofonia and TIC-Movements )
Mixed Personality Disorders ( many personality disorders mixed together )
Focussing Disorder
Eating Disorder ( anorexia )
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychotic Difficulties ( I don’t want to talka bout it alot )
Manic Personality Disorder

I lvie In a mental Support facility AND have spent most of my time in MY life in facilities and such.

This channel IS my way TO make ART and handle MY inside WORLD and SHOW it to you and try to make art in my way.
AND show HOW I see the world….. IN due time.

#Autism #PTSD #Focussing #Disorder #Personality #Manic #Psychosis #Facility #Eating #OCD #Asperger

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