Veteran Entrepreneurship and Post Traumatic Stress

Every veteran has stories to tell, but those stories don’t end when they leave the military, nor do they leave all of their wounds and traumas behind. In this panel, veteran entrepreneurs tell their stories of starting a business, and veteran advocates will speak on how they have helped vets achieve their goals of self-employment.

– Gregory Williams is manager of strategic communications initiatives for the New York City Department of Veterans Services.
– Cassandra Alvarez is associate commissioner for public-private partnerships at the New York City Department of Veterans Services.
– Sara Laszaic is co-founder of the Badges United Foundation.
– Kyle and Amanda Gourlie are co-owners of The Vet Chef LLC.
– Matthew Pavelek is president & CEO of the National Veteran Owned Business Association.
– Chas Henry is a journalist and host of CBS Radio’s Eye on Veterans.

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